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James P Hill

Meet Our Father, James Paul Hill (JP)


James (Jimmy) Paul Hill was born in the picturesque river town of Glasgow, Missouri. He later moved to Los Angeles California. While in the Marine Corp, Jimmy got a chance to see the world. One of his favorite Ports of Call was the Philippines. He was awarded a Good Conduct Medal in 1960 and in 1963 he received an Honorable Discharge. ‚Äč

Upon his return from military service in the USMC, he married his high school sweetheart Amanda. This union produced Angela, Bernice, Elisia, Kimberly and James Jr. Jimmy had many hobbies and interest. He loved to collect antiques and rare guns and he enjoyed traveling and hitting the "open road" with his family.

Jimmy always saw the good in others and had a way of making anyone he talked to feel special. He would open up his home and his pocket to anyone in need. Jimmy never wanted anything in return for his good deeds because he genuinely gave from his heart. His generosity was second to none.

Jimmy's true passion was his family. His favorite sayings were. "Oh PO Hill", “Oh Me", "Hey Fella","Beauuuuuuutiful", singing "If it ain't one thing it's another" and our family’s favorite, "See you when I see you"

Our father could have easily graced the cover of GQ magazine. His flair for fashion was evident whenever you saw him. His unusual and distinct jewelry always complemented his wardrobe. In his early years he was often mistaken for the R&B singer Teddy Pendergrass. He love to see a well dressed curvy women. As a Father he always encouraged his daughters to look their best no matter their size.

Although Jimmy was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009, he did not allow his diagnosis to stop him from enjoying life. During his illness he always remained positive and sought out ways to be an encourager and supporter of others, especially his family and friends. Anything that was done for him was always met with a heartfelt thank you!

In 2012 Jimmy left this world and joined his Savior in heaven. He is dearly missed by all who knew him. However, his legacy lives on in the life of his children, grandchildren and great grandchild.

JP’s Pure Essentials was established to honor of the memory of this wonderful Father, brother, uncle and friend. Here at JP's Pure Essentials or Me we take great pride in offereing you quality clothes and accessories at affordable prices.  Because like our Father we want you to look your best no matter your size.  At JP's Pure Essentials for me all women are beautiful especially the CURVY woman.